24 Frame 24 Hour Vid

This is my 24 Frame 24 Hour film, a style of making a short video of your day filmed on your mobile phone.


Fossa Football

While on holiday in North Italy, during a visit to a zoo I caught on my mobile this fossa practicing world class nutmegs and dribbling skills. Fredrich the fossa, as he’s been named, is given a ball for excercise training and enrichment to keep him inquisitively active and healthy.

This carnivorous mammal closely related to the mongoose family, but quite resemblent of a cat, is native to Madagascar.  As the largest predator of the island they are capable of hunting all the indigenous mammals, including the well known lemurs.  Being able to catch prey in the trees and on the ground, while also hunting through all hours of the day make this a persistant and formidable hunter.

Memorable films/tunes

This a short list of a few of my favourite films & tunes in no particular order.

Donnie Darko – The hall way scene with the Tears For Fears song ‘head over heels’ is one my all time favourite scene’s. ¬†Unfortunately the full scene isn’t on Youtube anymore and this is the best i could find.

Goodfellas – I’m a huge Martin Scorcese fan and this film got me into Gangsta/Mob films (yes, before The Godfather!), particularly his releases; The Departed, Casino etc

Looper – Released last year this film blew me away, with a combination of time travel and futuristic mob worlds this proved to be a winning formula for me.

Incubus – Drive

Velvetine – The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix)