My Projects

Islington Mills Website


Click on the image to view my website.

This University assigned Web Productions assignment was undertaken by myself.
This was shortlisted among a handful of other student websites to be proposed to replace Islington Mills current site. Albeit it wasn’t picked, but had great fun and was a good experience nonetheless.

Created a static website from the bare code up using; html, css, php, notepad++, netbeans, and the apache virtual server & database for development. Is currently uploaded to the Universities server for the time being.

Army of the Dead

This University assigned radio programme was undertaken as part of a group effort involving myself, Diana Castro & Alex Liddell.
The short story revolves around the scars the American Civil War left upon the town of Charleston. With recounts from Union and Confederate soldiers of war a grisly picture is painted, one which the current inhabitants of Charleston are haunted by every night…

Vocal recordings were scripted from american folk tales and solider journals found online, with sound FX recorded live in the field or sourced online. The entire programme was compiled, edited, and mixed on Pro Tools 10.1.

Aria Jacobs Dance

This University assigned film production was undertaken as part of a group effort involving myself, Diana Castro & Alex Liddell.
A freestyle dancer Aria Jacobs was filmed behind the Sunshine Studios, Northern Quarter, Manchester.

Three cameras were used; 2 Sony EX3’s and 1 Canon 1100 DXLR. Also a little bass amplifier for syncing during the editing process. Editing was done on Final Cut Pro.


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