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Comic Relief Challenge

Radio 1's Red Nose Day Challenege

Radio 1’s Red Nose Day Challenge

Nick Grimshaw will be helping to raise as much money as possible in his 3 and half hour radio show on the 7th of March for Red Nose Day.  Help share this guys, lets get the word around.

My 24 hour media fast

Lasted a grand total of 6 hours!  Impressive, no?  Well it’s a dismal result yes but man was it hard!  Just made a quick video detailing what it is I did, how I kept busy and how I gave up.

Maybe you guys could give it a go and see how long you can last?

That’s for 24 hours with no: Television, Film, Radio, Internet, Gaming, Newspaper/Magazines, Ipod/Ipad.  Enjoy!

Public Dj sets on radio?

Public DJ sets on Radio?  A week by week (day by day?) radio programme that calls for DJ’s of all backgrounds, whether that be a semi-professional just starting off or that guy making mixes in his bedroom, to play a half-hour set each.  It would be a great way to reach out to the music community, you guys, and listen to what you want and get it for everyone else to hear.  These user mixes could be aired from the service sites such as SoundCloud.

Let us know your thoughts?  Has it been done before/being done?  Who would be good station to do this, the BBC?

Reply here or at @Alexheavensgate –, @DianaEdLimitada – Diana Castro

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